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Ermira Mehmeti, Member of the Parliament in the Assembly of Macedonia

Member of BDI. Born on 6 October 1979 in Skopje. Albanian, Graduated for the Faculty of Law at the SEEU Tetovo. Masters Degree in comparative politics from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Doctoral degree in legal studies from the University in Tirana

Her activities in the Assembly: Inter-Community Relations Committee, Chairperson National European Integration Council, Deputy-Member Committee on Elections and Appointment Issues, Member Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory and Immunity Issues, Member Constitutional Committee, Member Committee on the Political System and Inter-Ethnic Relations, Member Foreign Policy Committee, Member Legislative Committee, Deputy-Member Delegation of the Assembly o the Republic of Macedonia to the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilization and Association (Joint Parliamentary Committee EU-Republic of Macedonia), Vice-Chair Delegation of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PA CE), Member Parliamentary Group of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia for cooperation with the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Member Parliamentary Group of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia for cooperation with the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, Member Parliamentary Group of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia for cooperation with the Parliament of the Montenegro, Member

Adriatik Kelmendi - Senior Producer in KTV

Adriatik Kelmendi (1978) is a journalist, television host and university lecturer in Prishtina, Kosovo. Inside the “Koha “Group he holds the position of the editor in chief in KTV , and responsible editor and journalist “ KOHA DITORE”, where he continues his well known TV Show “ Rubikon”, he writes a weekly column “ A sign in time”/” Një shenjë në Kohë”. He has reported and interviews systematically throughout the process of defining the status of Kosovo, from his studio in KTV, but also from other places such as New York, Washington, Paris, Vienna, Brussels. Strasburg, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, while his job is presented regularly in the short and electronic regional and international media.

He is a laureate of a number of national and international awards for journalism, including the Best Journalist of the Year from the Professional Association of Journalists in Kosovo and the Award “Gold Baron” I DuPont Columbia in the United States. He holds the title of Master in Media and Communication from Goldsmith – University of London in the United Kingdom.

Ismet Kryeziu - Executive Director of Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI)

Ismet Kryeziu started his career in the civil society in 2001 when he first started to work for NDI in the Civic Forum Program. The aim of the program was to strengthen dialogue between citizen and elected officials and Ismet was the field coordinator for the Prizren region. After NDI’s program for Civic Forum came to an end, Ismet and some of his local colleagues decided to establish a local NGO which today is known as the Kosova Democratic Institute. Initially, Ismet worked as regional coordinator of KDI and after several months he was elected executive director of KDI. Ismet has extensive experience in elections and local governance. Ismet is a certified trainer from NDI in different fields such as advocacy, local governance, elections, etc. Ismet serves as a trainer for the new elected municipal councilors. In addition to his executive director post in KDI, Ismet serves also as the leader of the NGOs coalition that monitors elections, named Democracy in Action. To this end he is building KDI’s internal capacity and local outreach, as well as offering assistance and training to other groups which deal with election monitoring work abroad. Ismet has achieved other successful efforts, including the Kosovo--Our Home, a heritage preservation campaign in the wake of the March 2004 riots, and a citizen dialogue program for 40 villages in the Prizren region of southwestern Kosovo, an effort that convinced the central government and local municipality to fund a 30 km road improvement scheme.

KDI has a multi-faceted mission that includes monitoring elections, improving citizen engagement and advocacy, skills building for citizens and community organizations, monitoring the work of parliament, and engaging in campaigns to raise awareness about the economic and social costs of corruption. KDI is the official partner of Transparency International for Kosovo. In the 2009 and 2010 elections, KDI played a lead role in Democracy in Action, a coalition of NGOs that deployed more than 2,000 trained citizen monitors to observe the election process. 

Emilija Redzepi - Member of the Assembly of Kosovo

Emilija Redzepi is the president of the NDS (New Democratic Party) representing the Bosniak community. Mrs. Redzepi is from Prizren, married and has three children. Before deciding to become politically active Mrs. Redzepi was a know civil society activist, as well as worked in the Ministry for Communities. She is currently an MP to the Kosovo Assembly as well as member of the committee for foreign affairs. In addition Mrs. Redzepi is the only woman president of a party in Kosovo.

Alma Lama - Member of the Assembly of Kosovo

Alma Lama is a member of Kosovo Assembly. She belongs to the political organization Lëvizja Vetëvendosje! (The movement for Self Determination,) and is member of EU Integration Committee. Currently, she is a candidate for PHD, on political Science and International Relations. She graduated in 1999 from the University of Tirana, Albania. She majored in Language and Literature. Mrs. Lama was selected among the 50 promising Women Leaders of the World from the program for leadership: Women in Public Service, in Wellesley College, USA June 2012. She also was part of the program for leadership “Hope Fellowship Program, spring 2010 in Washington DC, European Integration School etc.

Mrs. Lama worked for a long period as a journalist, correspondent from Kosovo, in Albanian media and international media. Alma established and worked at Top Channel, as a Senior Correspondent in Kosovo, covering the main political issue and debate on the country and region also. Since 2003 she has been a regular correspondent for Osservatorio sui Balcani in Italy. She published articles for the most important newspaper in Kosovo and Albania and international media. Now as a member of parliament Alma is vocative on democratization of society and the institutions. On her focus are the transparency issues, freedom of media, human rights and good governance. She as well is a member of the board of Women Caucus, a cross party caucus in Kosovo Assembly and is very engaged with the promotion of women’s role on society and their portrayal on the media. Alma originally is from Kruja, Albania. She is married and has two children.