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What is the Week of Women in Kosovo?

The Week of Women is an event that is going to gather woman from all silos where they can discuss, identify and get exposed to all ways that will make their position in the society grow and more visible. The new millennium has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women equality and emancipation and this event during this week will emphasize women’s rights and target measures to increase women’s control of their life and will also promote their right to participate in and exert an influence in all areas of society.

Who will participate at this event?

At this event will participate one hundred (100) women representing the political parties, Parliament, Government, Local Government, Media, Academy, Civil Society and Business Has come together for one week to discuss and identify opportunities that will help women in Kosovo empower their position. The Week of Women in Kosovo will reflect also the participation of all regions of Kosovo, cross ethnicity and generations.  Women MPs, Municipal Assembly MPs, Political Party activists, women who plan to run for office, professors, students, businesswomen, and civil society and media representatives. Participants will reflect participation of all regions of Kosovo, cross ethnic and generations. Women MPs will be acting as co-hosts for each day.